The Big Unknown

Blogging is hard.  Especially when you are preoccupied with school, work, and lets be honest…. things like TV that are mindless.  Blogging is a huge commitment that Will and I have failed miserably at.  BUT — that is why I am here today.

In my attempt to populate our blog with more posts, I wanted to start off today by updating everyone on the big unknown — aka me and Will’s life.


As of February 8th, I am finished with my degree.  I had one class to take at the beginning of this semester and I was fortunate enough to take a minimester that lasted 4 short weeks.  It was a fantastic class to end my Baylor career on.  I always thought the moment I was done with college would be nothing but glorious.  But there were definitely some sad feelings and I am missing the structure of class more and more.

Since my completion of college, I have been taking it easy.  I have not started job searching yet due to the big unknown in our lives.  While Will is a full time student and working hard at Comfort Suites, I am trying to fill my time with babysitting, tutoring, and working at our church.  This is mainly because we have no idea where we will be living after May graduation.  Will has anxiously applied to 5 schools that he wishes to pursue a master degree at.  These schools include George Washington University (Washington D.C.), Boston College, Virginia Tech, William and Mary (Virginia), and Baylor.  We are trying to wait patiently to hear back from the schools so that we can begin planning the next steps in our life.

I keep telling Will that I am happy with any of these locations or schools… I just want to know now so I can find a job and start searching for a place to live.  We find it incredibly challenging dealing with the unknown.  However, we are comforted by the support of family, friends, and our Heavenly Father.

We ask for your prayers and support as we start receiving letters.  We will need lots of guidance and help making such a big decision.

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1 Response to The Big Unknown

  1. Mom says:

    Our prayers are with you always. I love reading your blogs. It is a habit worth keeping up with. God has a great plan for your great unknown.

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