Trip of a lifetime

I am fully aware of my obnoxious tweets and Facebook posts in the past few weeks.  As I’m sure you know, I am constantly posting for people to vote for my mom.
A few weeks ago, my mom and Brandi came to Waco  and we made a video for a contest sponsored by Travelocity.  It seems crazy but it not only gave us something to do but something to fight for over the past weeks.

We have begged for votes and with only a week left, we are all starting to get discouraged.  My moms video hasn’t made it to the top 7 yet. 😦  I really feel that my parents deserve this trip.  After 30 years of a successful marriage and working in different states, I know this trip would do them some good.  In addition, they are such a fantastic example to Will and I.  That is one reason why I am so passionate about them winning this trip.  They have taught Will and I about unconditional love and that we can make anything work.  And we are so grateful for that.

I can’t make any one vote but I will keep pushing until the last day of voting.  And I will ask everyone one more time.

Will you please go vote for my mom… using every email address you have? And tell your friends.  🙂  Use the link below and it will go straight to her video.  It takes less than 2 minutes to register and vote! Image

The gnome is getting depressed and feeling a little under the weather.  Please vote to make him happy again and to give my parents a trip of a lifetime! 🙂

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